Sunday, August 17, 2008

Post from Kelly ....

hey guys, yep have settled in well, live in a villa 1 0f over 500 with 2flatmates, lisa is jus down the road and have made friends with sum aussie girls. the temp gets over 50 degrees but they dont avertise it coz outside workers dont have to work if over 50. we wear our abayas if off the compound and most of the time have to wear head scarf aswell, we sweat like pigs. have to plan shopping around the 5 prayer times coz everything closes for half hour. have started work, my ward has 22 beds 4 vip and a palace that fits 2 royals. it is amazing and really is fit for the king, even the tissue box goes into a gold case. the king owns the hospital and is 85 so i will get a chance to nurse him. went to the aussie embassay last night and got wasted and had a boogy, the religious police stopped our taxi on way home to check our cameras and phones for indescent pictures and the car 4 alchahol, they were really scary but i have my own personel taxi driver that comes to my beck and call wenever i need a ride or help so he was awesome and protected us and told us wat our rights were ect so we were let go.. im having a really good time and still coming home in nov 4 holiday and we are planning a trip to london then to amsterday next year so thatl be good. il send thrue my postal adress 4 my mail. heres sum photos of my villa


Third time lucky said...

Hello Kelz. Message from home. We are happy that you happy settled in well. We miss you. But we are so happy that you're enjoying yourself so much. What a wonderful experience you are having.

Lots of love and hugs from home. xxxx

krystal said...

its awsome to know that ur having fun kelz

love to all krystal XOXOXO