Friday, May 9, 2008

Colin & Lee-Anne ~ 29th March 2008

Finally the day had arrived. I felt quite calm and relaxed which was the total opposite of the previous two days. To say I was stressed to the max is an understatement. I was really wound up and panicky. Poor Krystal was doing her best to cheer me up and keep me calm. After the wedding rehearsal on Friday night we went back to the hotel and ended up having a family dinner. I realized then that was it. If we’d missed something, then too bad. So I finally relaxed.

So Saturday morning we all woke up and started our day off downstairs with breakfast. Then we moved most of our things up to the Bridal Suite. The guys went for their haircuts first and then we girls followed at 11. By the time we got back to the Hotel it was around 1ish at which time Brucena turned up to do our makeup. Janelle and Nick turned up around 2 and we sent Nick down to the guys rooms to get dressed with instructions for both him and Matt to be back at 3. Everything went like clockwork and we were all dressed and ready just after 3 when the boys came up. Janelle went with Col and the boys to the Rose Garden.

The wedding was at 3.30 so we just relaxed and chatted away quite happily – no nerves – then 5 minutes before we were ready to leave Krystal broke the strap on her shoe. There was no way we could fix it. As they were ankle straps she decided to take them off and try to walk in them. Well, yes she could – but not very well. At that stage I wasn’t worried if she walked down the aisle in barefeet. But she was determined.

Finally we left our room and went down to reception where the limousine was ready and waiting for us. After checking to make sure that the food was in the boot off we went. The Rose Garden was only a few blocks away so it didn’t take us long to get there. When we pulled up I admit the butterflies started fluttering a wee bit.

So there we were all ready to make our entrance. The girls started off and I was about to follow when Jamie comes running down the aisle and right past us. “Dad’s forgotten the rings” . You have got to be kidding. But no he wasn’t as he ran to our car and took off doing the clappers. I couldn’t believe it. But the limo driver came to our rescue. Bless him. Without skipping a beat he said – this calls for a glass of bubbly. So while our guests were waiting we were behind the trees having some bubbly.

Jamie arrived back, we finished our glass and made our entrance. I can remember being a little tearful walking down the aisle. But it was really great to see everyone and especially the rest of my family waiting for us at the end.

Things happened a little bit differently than what happened at the rehearsal the night before but at the end of it all we were married. If it seemed a wee bit different – that’s okay, because that’s exactly what we are – different - and all Colin and I wanted was that our kids enjoy our wedding day as much as us and they did.

We had a decanter and vases with different shades of sand. One for my family and one for Col’s. All of us were to pour our sand in to symbolise us coming together as one family.

After mingling and having a few photo’s taken the whole family climbed in the limousine. It was a bit tight with nine of us. Out came the bourbon’s and the wine and we had a leisurely drive down to the Government Gardens for some more photo’s. It turned out to be a popular day for weddings as there were three others having photo’s taken as well. So we drove around the other side by the Blue Baths and had ours taken there. We must have spent about an hour and a half down there. The hotel packed us a super hamper full of goodies and refreshments. We just had a big family picnic in between photos.

The kids were all just being themselves and Kelly decided to climb up one of the trees. Next thing they’re all up there. Fantastic photos. Our own family tree, lol.

Finally we made our way back, a bit earlier than expected as the limo driver had to be somewhere so we made a quick drive thru The Mill and we got some bourbons for the kids for later.

We arrived back at the Hotel and made our grand entrance. The bridal table was seated for 10. We wanted all our family up there so Nick had Janelle next to him and Kelly had her boyfriend Troy next to her. We managed to get through the rest of formalities. None of us had prepared any speeches but we all managed it. With the cutting of the cake all formalities had been done and now we were able to enjoy the evening.

The rest of the night just disappeared so fast. We all enjoyed ourselves. Everybody we spoke to did too. I never got to all the tables which I was a bit gutted about. With dancing and talking – time just flew.

We finally climbed into bed at some hour. Mr and Mrs T at last. We had a wonderful day. And we had a wonderful honeymoon.

We have wonderful memories of our special day. Here are some.

Sorry but they are out of order.

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