Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lucas . . . the road to home

I didn't realise it was so long since I did an update but I'll make up for it now - with plenty of photo's.

Lucas was transferred to Rotorua Hospital SCBU on 16th September with no fuss. He came over with another wee bubs who apparently cried the whole way. Not our little man. He is so laid back. It was so nice having him so close by and seeing how much he has grown. You can tell from the photos.

He's handling his celebrity status like a professional. Nothing seems to faze him.

Look how he's grown ....

"CAUTION": Some nudity content. Viewer discresion is advised.

First bath, loved it ....

Getting dry ...

Daddy, what big hands you've got ...

Father and son ...

AND THEN .... it finally happened .....

Lucas goes home ....

Mum's happy and I think Dad's a bit stoked .....

He can wear his own clothes now ....

He's a happy little chappy ....

Just chillin ....

First day home, snuggled up in his own bed ....

So you can see he's grown a bit since the last post. He's spent his first nine weeks in hospital.

Now he's home.

Monday, August 31, 2009

A Nana visit with Lucas ....

Isn't he just gorgeous

See how tiny he is, I'm rubbing his leg ....

holding hands with nana ...

I had a lovely visit with Lucas yesterday. My goodness he's growing. I can see the difference from last week. He's starting to full out and he's getting a bit of tummy and he's just looking so gorgeous.

Everyday he seems to be getting a little bit stronger. He's starting to put on weight slowly but steadily. He's having more time breathing on his own. Six hours by himself and then two back in the incubator. Although yesterday he had to go back in a bit sooner as his heart rate went up a bit fast. He calmed down once he was back in though. I reckon he was just too excited because he knew Nana was coming for a visit.

He's 32 weeks now. Weight 1.115 kg. He's just so perfectly formed and adorable, he's just so tiny.

When his Daddy was a baby (5 weeks old) he ended up in hospital too. He had a viral infection and was put on a drip for fluids. His Aunty Sue bought him Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse slept with Nick and was dragged around the house for most of his childhood. Unfortunately so was Donald Duck as Matthew wouldn't part with him either. I still remember the time I washed Mickey and Donald and hung them on the line. Matthew screamed at the top of his lungs, and he was loud I tell you, that I had no choice than let him walk around with a soggy Donald for awhile until I could sneak him away again.

So when I saw Mickey Mouse in the shop I knew I had to get him. Oh, and Winnie the Pooh too. But it is Mickey Mouse that now sleeps with Lucas. So what that he' a tad bigger than Lucas. It won't be for long.

Anyhow Janelle's going to forward me some more photos which I'll put on here.

So for now I'll say Ciao ....

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Our wee man ...

He's so adorable with his little beaney. Everything is continuing to go well. Janelle is spending a lot of time with him and she says he's responding to her voice and settles well when she strokes him. Nick came home last night to sort a few things out as they'll be up there for a few weeks yet. He's going back tomorrow. Lucas will be having a scan on Thursday so I'll update more when I find out.

I can't wait for the day when I get to hold him.

Welcome to our world ....

Lucas Adrian John Baine

Born 11.50pm,
Saturday 8th August 2009
at Starship Hospital

Weight 1 kg
28 weeks

Mum and Baby doing well.

Hey guys. I'm a Nana, can you believe it. It's amazing. I have to admit it's still sinking in. Everything just happened so fast. Thought we still had another 3 months to go.

Thursday Janelle ended up in Waikato Hospital on Thursday with preeclampsya. Then on Friday they made a decision to induce her so they put her on steroids and transferred her to Starship which was where our little man was born.

It's scary but thanks to the steroids he is breathing on his own. He is naturally in an incubator but the doctors say he is doing well and is fine. He's got a long stay in hospital ahead of him but he's going to be just fine. I know he will.

Anyway just thought I'd pop in and share the news with you. Lots to tell but will just leave there it there for the moment.

Ciao for now

Nana Lee

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Christmas 2008

Here's an excerpt from my private blog about our christmas just before the wedding. I'll add a few more posts until I manage to get up to date.

Sunday 6th January 2008

Happy New Year to you all. Hope you all had a wonderful christmas and safe new year.

Had a wonderful 10 day break at Waihi beach. The weather was fantastic apart from a couple of days when the wind picked up a bit and made things a tad uncomfortable.

We headed off on the Sunday before christmas - two vehicles loaded to the hilt - I can't believe we managed to pack everything up as fast as we did. We had everything bar the kitchen sink and the toaster. Got to the camp site and prepared to unload and set up. Three fricken hours later it was done. We hadn't put the new tent up before so it took a bit more time. We'd just finished when the manager came over and told us we had set up too close to the boundary and needed to move it. ***!!!!&&&arghhhh ....We ended up with fish and chips for dinner that night.

The next day was beautiful and we took the kids out on the boat. I caught the first fish again, snigger, a snapper but we didn't end up staying out for long as the kids were a bit unsure and started getting bored.

We managed to sneak the presents over and keep them out of sight of the kids - god knows how. The night before we put the little tree up and put them round the tree. Happy little chillin the next morning I can tell you. They each got a portable dvd player, dvds, books, games and a couple of extras. The older two arrived after lunch and we had more pressie giving. Col put the lamb on the barbie, I boiled some potatoes and made a salad. Christmas dinner. We settled down to a few drinks and laughs while the kids played happily with their new pressies. Bliss. We didn't want any presents this year what with the wedding coming up but Col was sneaky and brought me a beautiful gold watch. The kids brought me a new broomstick, very retro. Standing joke at home about me being a witch in a disguise. Lol. I encourage it.

For the 10 days we were there we had visitors staying for seven of them. The reason why we had taken two tents. Dave and Tracey came over for about four days which was really good as it meant Col had someone to go out fishing with. They watched the kids one morning and we went out together. Was a beautiful morning. Beautiful clear blue skies and the ocean was as calm as anything. We had breakfast of vogel sandwiches and fruit juice. Was lovely. But no fish. We caught quite an assortment of fish but none worth eating and had a frisky encounter with a shark.

All in all it was a wonderful break. The beach is absolutely gorgeous. The kids had a blast, we got to rest up and the weather was beautiful. I don't think we ate too much but we had a few drinks - as you do. br />
So after the mammoth pack up we arrived home on Wednesday arvo. The washing machine has been going for three days solid, the lawns needed mowing the gardens weeding and the house cleaning.

Today it's semi back to normal. I got Col up to go back to work this morning. I still have one more week. This week is all about the wedding. I have a list up to my elbow of things I need to do. But slowly they will all be ticked off. I'm taking Krystal in to get her dress today, hopefully. If we can't find anything here then we'll head to Hamilton.

So I had better get a move on I guess. Nothing is going to get done with me sitting on my bum. I'll leave you with a few pics.

Looking out from the main tent.

One of the weird fish Col caught.

The kids relaxing in the tent just after we set up.

Kids playing on the playstation.

Our room away from home.

We went into Waihi one day so Josh could spend some of his christmas money.

The kids swimming at the beach. They loved it. We spent an awful lot of time there.


Josh in the sand

Enjoying the night.

Our tent.


Ummmmm .... as you can see I'm not cooking fish.

Col trying to pose.

And that's me.
Catch ya later.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Congratulations Mr & Mrs McNaughton

14th June 2009

Welcome to the family Rachel.

Well on Sunday my "little" brother John got married to the lovely Rachel.

The weather had been shite for the last week with terrible rain but then finally on Sunday someone remembered to turn the switch off and the rain stopped.

It was a lovely ceremony with the kids very much a part of it.

It's really important when you bring two families together that they all feel a part.

So without further ado here are some photos. I missed the full family shot tho as I was on "bar" duty at the time. I know typical me - in the grog again. But I think I'll pinch one from someone and put it on.

The little angels ....

Mr & Mrs ....

Rachel and the girls .....

John and the boys .... I really like this one

So congratulations again Mr and Mrs McNaughton. We look forward to seeing more of you in the future.

PS: John, I hope you're looking after your wife. I was a bit concerned to note on Sunday you'd lost her a few times and you'd only been married a couple of hours. On to it boy.